Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations
  • Wang, CC. (2019) Alternative therapy and holistic nursing. 2019 Sigma Nursing Research Symposium (10 May 2019) Perth.
  • Wang, CC. (2018) Effectiveness of acupuncture as an add-on treatment for women with postnatal depression: a systematic review protocol. ACM 2018 (15-18 October) Perth.
  • Wang, CC. (2018) Acupuncture, its place in holistic care. ICIN 2018 (29-30 November) Perth.
  • Wang, CC. (2017) Research and Collaboration, China nursing research forum (1-5 November, 2017), Hefei, China.
  • Wang, CC. (2016) Chinese Nursing Students at Australian Universities: A Narrative Inquiry into Their Motivation, Learning Experience, and Future Career Planning, 8th International Congress on Innovations in Nursing (24-25 November, 2016), Perth Australia.
  • Wang, CC. (2016) Chinese nursing students’ cultural related learning behaviours, Sigma Theta Tau International’s 27th International Nursing Research Congress, (21-25 July, 2016), Cape Town South Africa.
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